Who we are

MAMA is the Models Agents Managers Association, an association of the leading and respectable model managers and agents world-wide representing the majority of the leading models within the modeling business.


MAMA unites the Managers Agents and Models as members in an association that is managed and directed by our partners and competitors, each board of directors member assists with years of knowledge and expertise.


Founded in 2010 by Gal Golan a veteran scout and personal manager of models. Daily experiences with models, agents, competing managers and sometimes rogue managers and agents set the spark to the foundation of MAMA. 


Naturally the first outreach was to a long time friend and partner Dr Christoper Atzwanger from Eskimo that immediately recognized the need for MAMA and supported with a vote of confidence.


Votes of confidence quickly followed by managers and agents around the world including Dmitry Chernikov IQ models in Russia ,Ugnius kiguolis from Supermodels Lithuania, Andy Fiord from AFM Russia,Jeremie Roux from Starsystem, Samuel Ettedry from Skin Netherlands, Katarzyna Sawicka from Gaga in Poland, Wilma Walker from WW Netherlands, Jacqueline Friis-Mikkelsen from Unique Denmark, Laila Snellman from Paparazzi Finland  and many others that formed the base foundation of MAMA.


We have united so that we can compete in an ethical, professional,  fair and respectful manner and to create a better business experience for us all.