Who we are

MAMA is the Models Agents Managers Association, an association of the leading and respectable model managers and agents world-wide representing the majority of the leading

What we do

MAMA | Models Agents Managers Association. Uniting the modeling business worldwide and together setting ethical and professional standards with the principal aim in preserving and

The modeling business is one. Models Agents Managers united

  • MAMA unites leading Managers and Agents representing the majority of the Models in the model business
  • MAMA belongs to all of its members equally
  • MAMA is managed by our partners and competitors,each assisting with years of experience and expertise
  • MAMA promotes and urges ethical and professional competition between members and within the model business
  • MAMA is guided by fair and balanced standards for the benefit of us all, Models, Agents and Managers
  • MAMA offers mediation assistance to “bridge” disputes between managers, models and agents
  • MAMA is a non profit association
  • MAMA will improve the reputation of the model business

The modeling business is one of the most prestigious and visible businesses in the world, a dream for many young  girls and boys and an inspiration for millions.


A serious business for models,managers, agencies, mainly a profitable business and tool to promote brands, designers and magazines.


The current massive competition, lack of basic rules, regulation and business ethics for such a massive and important business has damaged many within its business community.


The modeling business until MAMA was one of the only prestige and important businesses or industries in the world that did not have a serious union or  association to set some basic ethical guidance, advice, rules and regulations.


MAMA supported by its members community are setting ethical and professional standards.


MAMA is managed and run by leading experienced members of the model business including our competitors and partners so that we can all compete in an ethical and professional manner and thus create a better business experience. 


Join MAMA today, be a part of  the leading  global community and make that change that will effect  and assure the way your company and models profit.