This is a Business!

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If guided carefully, a young models career can give them a head start on their adult lives, help them develop leadership skills, teamwork skills, self-confidence and the ability to earn income.

We call this industry “show–business” for a good reason—it is a business. You should treat it as such. That being said, it should also be fun. If for any reason, it is not fun and educational for you, get out. If your goal is to make a lot of money and get really famous, really quickly, your hopes will probably never be recognized. You should be in this business only if you are truly dedicated, have plenty of stamina, and a passion for the craft of modeling.


Trust your management and question your managers directly if needed. do not listen to voices around you especially other frustrated models that usually have an agenda to throw you off track. it is a business and getting rid of competitors is a part of the game…





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