Terms and conditions to be the MAMA member

The current list of members is a list of MAMA members who meet the criteria and standards set by MAMA and support MAMA’s main criteria and standards of fair and ethical business practices within the model business. The directory of MAMA members is not a complete list of MAMA members, and members may choose not to be listed.  


MAMA provides to its members a special logo, or “member seal”, which is intended to allow members of the fashion and model business, models future models and their guardians,clients, marketing, the advertising community – and the general public – to know that a particular company, or division of a company, is a member of the association. The logo is intended to be displayed only by current members of the organization in standard marketing materials. A typical use of such “seal” could include a website, an email promotion, or a printed brochure or advertisement.


*There are members of the modeling business whom for any reason have not yet joined MAMA and or are pending membership yet are known to be credible and reliable managers or agencies. Such agencies may appear on the list without a membership seal. 


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