Model scouts have no name?

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Often too much the scouts that actually spot the raw potential in a model, hardly get credited, or even ever mentioned.


Many models interviews start with “So where and how were you discovered? “, “I was walking with my mom around the mall a model scout approached us and here I am…


Well, it is not as simple as that.Model scouts have names and management companies they represent.


The scout has arguably the most important role in a model management company as he or she is the one responsible to find new potential talents that will spark the creative imaginations of photographers, partner international agents, designers, editors and most important consumers.


In most cases a scout is a trained professional that is able to spot a potential model from the crowed


The ones that have vision ( ”the eye”) and the guts to approach a complete stranger on the street a shopping mall, bus, train, pool the beach or anywhere else.

Many times the scouts battle with the fear of rejection while approaching that particular stranger or a group of people while introducing themselves as a model manager and pop the question… excuse me, are you a model?


Scouting is an art! You need excellent people skills and it takes a lot of practice to develop great scouting skills.

Success or failure very much depends so much on how you initially present yourself to that complete stranger, the things you say, your vocal intonation, body language, giving the right information and setting that basic trust that you are a legitimate scout, representing a serious management company after all your aim is to exchange personal contact information phones, emails, facebook, so that you can meet the potential model and family again and talk about the next steps.


Meeting potential models on the streets is just the first step. 


Model scouts spend weeks months and sometimes years following up on potential models scouted. Scouts must try to convince the models and parents to trust the management company and even more the model business that is plagued with stigmas, rumors and various scams that need to be carefully avoided.


Are you a good scout? did you pass that stage? Great!, now you need to convince the models and parents to review your management agreement  without it you do not have the right to represent the interests of the models nor can you protect the interests of your management company.


Parents naturally and rightfully worry about school, some see modeling as fun “hobby” as it should be for starters, others as a career opportunity and few others see it as an additional family income producing job with the dollar ($) signs “bling bling” all over the conversation.


No matter the motives, management contract negotiations can be lengthy complicated and involve a lot of information, guidance and negotiation and once again the key is the peoples skills of the scout and management company he or she represents.   


Once the agreement has been signed and the agency starts to properly prepare the model including first test photos, digitals, videos, informative introduction to the model business the agency will start to introduce the model to partner agencies around the world for representation.


Partner agencies main focus is on promotion and sales of models in specific territories such as New York, London, Milan and Paris.


Partner agencies employ “agency scouts” with the primary job description to roam around the globe establish agency and management company relations and to get introduced to models and new faces from various managers around the world for representation by the model agency the “agency scout” works for.


Many “agency scouts” wrongfully take credit for “discovering” top and successful models but nothing can be farther from the truth!


As talented as some of them are… they simply walked in to a partner management company and were introduced to a selection of models that the management company represents and brought back materials photos/ digitals/ videos for review by their colleagues at the booking table and or simply received a package with materials to review by email.


Models:  Remember you have been scouted by a person or a team of dedicated professionals that have spotted potential in you. You were given an opportunity that possibly changed your life and has got you to where you are today in the model business, if you are asked or interviewed who scouted you and where? It means that it matters to someone. Have some respect  credit and name the person that scouted and that management company he or she represents as in most cases it is the management company that you are represented by and if not certainly the one that started your career.


Scouts: So to all you true scouts out there and you know who you are hats off to you, you are the ones that have the vision to spot today the face that will inspire so many tomorrow. 


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