Personality matters

from: Marina Jaksic (public)

Why is the fashion world, shiny covers and shooting so interesting is the mostly asked question.

Most  young girls are fascinated by the fashion industry and fashion world, and large percentage of them have desire to pursue a modelling career. The vision that young girls have is often very misleading and is often forgotten fact that the modelling is more complex process than just posing in front of the cameras.  


How many times could you see cases of girls who are the beautiful, photogenic and have the crucial X factor and suddenly stopped appearing on the fashion scene.


In my personal opinion, I do not understand why people classify models on beautiful and less beautiful ones because beauty is universal term and what I consider beautiful might not be interesting to someone else. Beautiful girls with necessary measurments enroll in the agency, change their agencies, but the question is how long each of them as an individual will be able to stay in the agency and achieve desired goal.  


Personality and professionalism in modelling is something what all models do not possess but is essential for this business.  Very often an “average” model works better than some model who is expected to make an impressive modelling career. It is because the beauty is less important if you are irresponsible and do not arrive on time for fashion castings and shootings.  It happens very often that girls give up modelling because they did not get an engagement  for the first few times and afterwards blame the fashion industry for their failure.  


It is important to leave an impression on the casting, to stand out and be likable or better say, to have the X factor. Lots of times very pretty girls lost their engagement. Wonder why?  We could conclude that in modelling, extremely important factors are personality, hard work and persistence.

  1. melisa muthoni
    February 13, 2016 | reply

    hello,thanks alot for your help and concern on aspiring have really been a great moltivation to us….thank you once again for guiding us through this road and making it simpler and more accessible to us

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