Beware of model scams

Choosing a good manager is most likely the first and one of the most important decisions that a model must make starting a career, both in terms of potential career development and the day-to- communication and work with your managers.


MAMA member managers operate their business based on a strict code of practice. These principles have been developed   to protect the well-being of models and to promote best practice for the industry as a whole. MAMA is a great source of information and a tool to filter and lower the risks of scams or future disputes nonetheless it is solely the obligation of the model and the models parents if the model is a minor to check the agency review its proposals and career option before approving and signing an agreement of representation with a manager or agent.


Scam Agencies are sometimes difficult to detect  Almost anyone can pose as a model agent –  is this manager legitimate? does the manager have the connections know how to promote your career or are they only trying to get your money by having you pay for registration fee, “models books/ portfolio” models schools and diplomas?

Rogue managers and agents make money mainly from scamming you for your money and not from promoting you and earning from the jobs you perform.


In the model industry many are called but few are chosen. If you really think you could make it as a model then go to some MAMA members’ websites and apply to them. If you’ve got what it takes they’ll be after you in no time; if not, do take no for an answer. But, whatever you do, please don’t join the thousands of young people (and their parents) who are so starry-eyed they can’t see what’s coming. Be sure of this: the rogue agent will see you coming.

Scam Photographers A good model manager recognises a potential mo

del when he or she sees one. You don’t need to go out an pay for photos in order to meet or impress good managers. Based on your looks the manager will be able to determine your potential and the seal of approval is  a quick photogenic “test” simple digital snapshots a headshot and a full length; If they take you on managers will organize test shots with good photographers to start building your portfolio. 


Scam Scouts: beware of the model scout who claims to be working for a well-known agency. There are increasing numbers of scams passing themselves off as model scouts in order to take advantage of you in one way or another. If a scout/photographer approaches you, ask for some ID a business card perhaps and check with the agency concerned before doing anything else. You are welcome to inquire with MAMA and we will do our best to reply to you with regards to a manager,scout agent or agency.