MAMA: Code of Practice, promoting ethical rules for competition.

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 Code of Practice M.A.M.A

MAMA members conduct their business in accordance to the regulations governed by laws of the countries in witch they are officially registered and conduct business and in accordance to binding international laws resulting from contracts or agreements with partner agencies around the world.  


It is the managers duty to manage each model’s career so as to achieve maximum potential.


Managers income is derived mainly from commission on work obtained for their models.


Equality of Opportunity

MAMA urges fair and legal competition and is committed to ensuring Equality of Opportunity for all its members, staff and models.


Confirmation of  representation 

All managers  must have a legal representation agreement with the model in accordance to the laws of the country where the manager or the managers company is registered.

  • The agreement must describe the territory and the relationship between the manager and the model.
  • The duration of the agreement.
  • The confirmation that the manager has the sole and exclusive rights to represent the model, manage the models career,manage the models image , manage the models career planing ,negotiate, conclude and invoice with clients and international agents.
  • *All members require the written consent of a parent or guardian in order to represent a model below 18 years of age

It is the obligation of the model and or the models parents (if the model is a minor) to review the agencies history, credibility, proposed career opportunity and management agreement prior to the signature of a representation agreement.

Once an agreement has been signed, as all legal agreements,  the agreement  must be respected and may be void only by

1. Mutual agreement

2. Judge decision


It is the obligation of the model requesting to leave a manager either:

1. Notify the manager, request and receive a release letter by mutual agreement from manager

2. Request a release of agreement from the appointed court of law in accordance to the agreement  signed with the manager.


No other MAMA member manager or agent shall become the models manager unless the model has been released from current agreement by:

1. Mutual agreement

2. Judge decision


International placements

Managers, manage the models career planning and model placement with partner international agencies according to the managers experience, relations and for the benefit of the models career.  Managers keep in close touch with model agents to ensure a shared vision for the model career and welfare.


Managers must be “transparent” and give the models as much guiding information as possible or available and or answer the models or parents questions (if the model is a minor) with regards to the international placement partners agencies or clients.

The manager must consult with the model and provide the model sufficient time and information to accept or deny “an option”.

Provide the model time to prepare all the relevant documentation needed, provide if agreed transportation and accommodation details, pick up information, any additional agreement conditions such as advances or minimum guaranteed contacts signed or agreed upon on behalf of the model. 


It is the representing “agency” obligation  to receive a confirmation from the  model manager allowing the agency to represent the model in the territory of the agency.

  • Agencies may NOT represent a model to its clients in anyway and or to present the model on the agencies website or any other promotional materials without the  prior approval of the manager.
  • Agencies may officially represent the model ONLY after a Managers Commission Agreement (MCA) has been signed 

Manager Commission  

Models and agents must recognizes and be  fully aware that  commission paid to managers does not come from the models own income.

The commission rate is on contracts initiated and/or negotiated and/or concluded directly or indirectly by the affiliates agencies and is based on the business agreement or  Managers Commission Agreement (MCA) between the manager and the agency representing the model in the territory agreed upon between the manager and agency.

This commission is mainly calculated from the models earnings and IS NOT in anyway an additional commission a model must pay her manager but a business agreement of “splitting” or “sharing”  income of the commissions derived from the models work name “model commission” and “client commission”.

  • The level of commission shall be negotiated and agreed upon between the manager and the agency and stipulated in the Managers Commission Agreement.
  • The agency must negotiate the commission levels with the model separately and this should not effect or reduce the level of commission in the agreement between the manager and agency.
  • Should agencies decide to re negotiate with the model and lower the level of commission, the agency may do so without “automatically” requiring the manager to accept a lower commission. 
  • Commission levels between models and managers are a separated matter and must be negotiated and agreed upon separately.

Financial Support and financial transparency

Agents must be financially transparent and provide the manager and the model full access to precise financial reports. 


Managers must assist the models in obtaining clear and transparent financial reports with regards to the models career this includes, all advances, models income from modeling jobs and deduction of expenses or any taxes imposed by local laws. Model may consult or request that the manager consult with a qualified financial expert on behalf of the model with regards to the models financial reports.


Managers are encouraged to seek the consultation of  independent financial advisers who are able to offer impartial advice across a range of financial planning needs including pensions, insurance, mortgages etc.


Bridging disputes MAMA’s expert volunteer members will offer other members models and agents assistance and guidance to clarify issues and to resolve disputes between managers/models /agents in an attempt to bridge relations so that the parties can continue to work together and or to find a mutually agreed and fair separation.  Depending on the complexity of the matter MAMA will also offer members guidance to professional legal counsel and or financial experts in order to clarify or bridge disputes.


Working Conditions for Minors 

MAMA works in accordance with current legislation regarding the employment of persons under aged models.

As these laws may vary from country to country MAMA will work with our members community andlegal bodies  in each country in order to update our members with local laws and requirements.

MAMA will consult with model agencies associations such as ASSEM, SYNAM, AMA, AMAE, NAMA and others for the benefit of the models welfare.


Health and Well-being

It is advised of MAMA managers’ Terms & Conditions that all managers safeguard the Health & Safety of the model.


The manager shall not impose upon the model any action or activity which is either dangerous or demeaning to the model. 

A special ‘Models’ Welfare Document’, is currently being developed in consultation with senior MAMA members, expert bodies and mainly by listening to the models needs and requests as one of the main items on  MAMA’s agenda is ensuring that models’ welfare is safeguarded during the models career.


For a successful model, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is essential. 


MAMA members have worked with a number of professional bodies to help managers and agents identify models who may be in need of specific advice and support on particular health issues.

Members will not promote any model for work where, in the judgment of the agent, the impact will be to the model’s detriment.


Eating Disorders

MAMA members must ensure that if recognized possible symptoms of eating disorders and will take appropriate action, seeking professional advice where necessary.


Drugs and Alcohol abuse
Substance a

buse is unacceptable and, where identified, Managers will offer appropriate advice and guidance.


Model Hotline (

MAMA has developed a model hotline feature to assist models and parents with model business information, answer questions or concerns,

 help resolve issues,receive information about rogue or scam agencies in addition to assisting if possible to Emergencies. 

Model Hotline  is based on the premise that when models encounter problems, they usually turn first to their peers for advice. Many models think their parents can’t possibly understand what’s happening in their lives and that their friends might laugh or abandon them. 


Model Hotline provides a safe, confidential place to talk things out with another model, manager or industry volunteer who can understa

This simple act of listening can make a huge difference – sometimes a life-saving one.nd and will listen, but not judge.

Models know they can trust Models Hotline – and they do.


MAMA’s  member seal

MAMA provides to its members a special logo, or “member seal”, which is intended to allow members of the fashion and model business, models f

uture models and their guardians,clients, marketing, the advertising community – and the general public – to know that a particular company, or division of a company, is a member of the association. The logo is intended to be displayed only by current members of the organization in standard marketing materials. A typical use of such “seal” could include a website, an email promotion, or a printed brochure or advertisement.






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