MAMA and AMAE: Association of Model Agencies Spain

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MAMA and AMAE have opened a supportive line of communication and collaboration for the benefit of the the members of both associations and the model business as a whole.


AMAE is the Model Agencies Association of Spain representing the interests of the  leading Spanish modeling agencies


The AMAE was founded in 2007 and is directed by AMAE President Angel Herrera (Salvador) and Secretary and treasure  Mr. Juan Saula an expert legal attorney in the model business.


Mr. Juan Saula’s expert knowledge of the legal aspects within the modeling business in Spain in particular the European Union and international laws is a great reference for exchange of f information, consultancy, legal advise and guidance for MAMA and its members. 


AMAE  and Mr Juan Saula have  received an honorary chair on the board of directors of MAMA.


The  unity, visions and values of MAMA and its member community in addition to the experience, track record and credibility of AMAE its director, secretary and members will insure a better business experience for us all.


For additional  information on AMAE and its members visit:




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