Letter to partners

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Dear partner,


MAMA worldwide is uniting managers and the models they represent in order to promote ethical and professional standards within the modeling business. The principal aim of MAMA is to strengthen ethical business competitiveness.


The core of the modeling business is a partnership between MANAGERS – MODELS – AGENTS. the Managers (“suppliers”) the

Models they sign on for world -wide management representation and the partner retail Agencies/Agents who promote and sell the model services in the agreed territory.


Managers and Agents must work closely together in order to better serve the Models. There is a growing expectation amongst members of the model business fashion and advertising industries, law makers and the media that the modeling industry should come into line with business practices experienced in similar industries. MAMA believes in self -regulation and wishes our industry to be ahead of this expectation.  

Based on a clear need for understanding between all parties, MAMA is researching the main issues being faced by managers, models and partner agencies/agents.


MAMA will prioritize the main issues identified and with the help of members of the modeling business community and experts, we will seek to resolve these matters.


MAMA wishes to listen to agencies/ agents concerns with regards to dealing with managers and the models they represent. MAMA will then communicate with our partner retail agencies/ agents the issues identified by our research and will jointly seek a way forward to resolution.


By setting new industry standards we can minimize some of the issues affecting us all and thus make a real change for the benefit of everyone.


We aim for a fair and balanced partnership.  We need each other.  Managers earn a commission for services of model placement provided to its partner agencies and agencies/ agents earn commission from the promotion and sales of model services supplied by the manager.  Models earn and benefit by having both managers and agents focused on their complementary roles, working closely together to promote and develop the models career.


MAMA welcomes applications from any manager, agency/ agent or expert that shares its visions and values.  We would like to welcome you on board to promote an ethical, professional and competitive modeling business.


From our initial findings, the current main agenda topics are:

  • model welfare. Managers have exclusive world-wide agreements with models. We must stay alert to the models welfare, health and well-being including making the modeling business and working conditions a better place for models, especially those that are underage.
  • Transparency.  Managers, models and agents need to work in full business transparency. As it is a three way partnership, Manager-Model-Agent all need access to documents, contracts/ agreement statements or anything relating to the professional services of the model.
  • “switching models”. A plague that is damaging our industry. Contracts must be respected. Models have the right to request a switch of managers and or agencies either by mutual consent of both parties of the agreement or by a judge decision. It is the models obligation to get a release of agreement from the court and not the manager/agent. Models with the supervision of managers must not leave agencies with debts and before switching agencies, the models and managers must settle outstanding debts or reach an agreement for future settlement of debt.
  • commissions and commission agreements. MAMA will draft a recommended “MCA” Manager Commission Agreement for use by members. The agreement will set out the basic fundamental rules and code of conduct of M.A.M.A.  It will be open to negotiation, with particular emphasis on negotiating the financial terms of the agreement. *it is strictly prohibited for any MAMA directors or members to mutually agree or set rates on commissions or fees.
  • contracts/agreements between Managers and Models. MAMA will advise its members on the core requirements for a manager representation agreement. This includes the right to represent the model, model career planning, model placement with partner agencies, negotiate on the models behalf and manage the model activities internationally. 
  • bridging disputes between managers/models/agents. MAMA’s, directors, members, volunteers, legal and financial consultants will be available to consult members in order to guide and possibly resolve disputes or issues.  The aim will be reaching a mutually agreed bridging solution, thus offering the parties the ability to continue to work together.

MAMA will be in contact with you soon for a proposed communication, phone conference or meeting in person where we would like to start working with you on creating the necessary change for the future.


The model business is one!


Gal Golan

Interim President and co-founder




twitter: @MAMA_Models



“Alone we can do so little,

together we can do so much” Helen Keller





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