Japan’s JMAA and MAMA: Models Under 15 Must Travel with Parent Or Legal Guardian

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Japan flagJapan’s JMAA, has approved with its members a new requirement that all models under 15 years of age must be accompanied to Japan by a parent or an appointed legal guardian.


Following months of discussions and internal polling within MAMA board members and community the majority of our members stated that models under 15 should be accompanied by parents or appointed legal guardians.


The new age requirement was set and published  in October 2012 by JMAA Board Chairman Yoichi Oba ,International Relation Committee Director  Yoshie Furuya and will be an additional “safety net” set by the Japanese model business community for young models mostly starting out in the model business.


Although it will significantly increase the advanced costs and logistics for the local Japanese agencies and deducted from the models earnings by possibly  having to advance the models parent or appointed legal guardians flights accommodations or pocket money (depending on the agreement reached with the models mother manager) both JMAA , MAMA and their members community agree that this is a necessary and welcomed requirement.


The Japanese model business “market” is one of the safer and most professional modeling markets within the model business. Models are safe guarded and most of the time chaperoned by the agencies managers, driven to castings, promoted ,spoken for by the managers and returned to the models residence.


JMAA is the association of Japans Model Agencies, a serious, professional, respectful and strict authority working for the benefit of the model business community in Japan. We urge all MAMA member community, models or parents  to visit the website of JMAA   http://www.j-m-a-a.com or write MAMA should they have questions about  the Japanese model business or a partner Japanese agency.











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