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Some months ago we received some “disturbing” information and footage from “girl model” a documentary movie.


The movie synopsis “Follows a complex supply chain between Siberia, Japan, and the U.S. within the modeling industry. The story is told through the eyes of the scouts, agencies and a 13 year-old model”. The documentary aims to show the exploitation of young models in the model business. 


MAMA contacted J-M-A-A  the association of model agencies in Japan and local model agencies as everyone involved was disturbed by this documentary and it seems as this movie is a damaging portrayal to the reputation of the Japanese model business and the model business as a whole.


MAMA and some of its board members have viewed and reviewed “Girlmodel” movie and other videos related to it circulating with comments made by  Ashley Sabin and David Raymon co producers of “Girlmodel” as well as other “industry insiders” 


By communicating directly with those who took part and filmed in this “documentary” it has been made clear to MAMA that this movie is a manipulated and an inaccurate portrayal of the people involved the model business in Japan and the model business as a whole.


MAMA contacted Ashley Arbaugh  “scout” and main character who claims that “The filmmakers took my story and distorted it for commercial gain. They are selling a story that is full of false information and depicts Japan in an unpleasant way”


MAMA contacted the model and the models mother who have issued a statement that we have on file in addition to her Mother Manager Noah models, claim this movie was “staged” and edited out of context to damage the model industry.


Based on the reply of the main characters involved we feel this documentary and its promotion, has an “agenda” to generate negative public opinion, scandal and thus attract viewers it is visible in the films visuals and its tittle “girl model”.


We strongly support the Japanese model business “market” as a safe , organized, professional and a fruitful modeling market within the model business.


Models are registered with the state as “entertainers” apply for and receive an “entertainers” visa based on a model agencies requests filtered by the state.


Japan is one of the only markets in the world where modeling agencies do not seek or request a refund from models that are in a negative/ debt with the representing agency, Therefore the models do not have to worry about the negative balance of the models account as portrayed in this film.


The model business in Japan is over-viewed by JMAA, a professional, serious, alert, and responsible association working to insure its members are aligned updated and informed on the legal and ethical requirements for the benefit of the model business.


While in Japan models are most of the time chaperoned by the agencies managers, driven to castings, promoted, spoken for by the managers and returned to the models residence thus adding to the general overall care and dedication offered to all models by the Japanese model business.


Models in general, Young models in particular and  the models welfare is a subject we must stay alert and constantly review carefully. Our sister “talent” performing /entertainment industries movies and music industries always had and will always have child actors and singers Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera to name a few.


Various sports and arts such as gymnastics, ballet all have young talents performing and competing for medals and the modeling business is no different.


NON-THE-LESS we must continue to find better ways to look after our young models and look out for our models welfare.


MAMA will continue to work closely with partner associations such as JMAA to set together ethical rules and regulations for the benefit of our members and the model business as a whole.


MAMA would like to thank JMAA for picking up on and approving the initiative to limit the age models traveling to Japan.  This initiative should insure that all models under 15 must travel with a parent or an appointed legal guardian. 


We urge all mother managers, models, parents or legal guardians to contact JMAA  or MAMA should you have any questions with regards to the Japanese model business and or a Japanese modeling agency. 


JMAA contact: http://www.j-m-a-a.com/contact/contact.php

MAMA contact:  http://m-a-m-a.org/contact-us/


MAMA Managers And Models Associations

Gal Golan 

Interim President of MAMA






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