France: EC resident “self employed” models no longer obligated to pay social taxes in France (see law in pdf)

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Models that are resident of the EC and “self -employed” in France are no longer obligated to pay social security taxes in France.


According to official information attached in this PDF  FRANCE_CIRCULAIRE_DGT_2012 and practice of other agencies in France, models, national residents of the European Community can have a status of “self- employed” in France meaning they no longer need to be employees of the agencies and thus do not need to pay social security taxes with the following supporting documentation, 

  • ·          Tax assessment notice or tax certificate
  • ·          VAT Number of the registered model in resident national country
  • ·          Number of self-employed in resident national country
  • ·          Form A1 (original) as self-employed
  • ·          Name, address and contact details of the accountant

Additional supportive confirmation issued by Marc Loos an official representing  the Economic and Trade department France Belgium in the Embassy of Belgium

Please find attached the text of the DGT Circular 2012/06 of 26.07.2012 relating to the application of Article 14 of Law No. 2011-302 of 22.03.2011 and Decree No. 2011-1001 of 08.24.2011 relating to the use of models and modeling agency s in France.


* Pages 1 – 2 and 3 (freedom of establishment and procedures for obtaining the license)

* Pages 6 and 7 (conditions for the free service)

* Pages 7 and 8 (the independent model …)


Marc Loos
Advisor, responsible for Economic and Representation
Trade the Brussels-Capital France,
c / o Embassy of Belgium
9 rue Tilsit
75840 Paris cedex 17
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Kindly note that various agencies and mother managers from within the EC have been implementing these regulations for some time now.

Consult with your partner agencies in France and check the status of the models as self employed




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