Fashion lesson learnt

from: Marina Jaksic (public)

The fashion industry, glamour that surrounds us and the famous models appearing on the covers are things that inspire many young girls.

Most young girls had or have desire to become a model and feel the magic of the fashion world and become a part of it.

Sounds alluring? Through the media we often hear stories about the protection of models, but why do we forget those key players like fashion agents without which the careers of most models would not be possible.


Many would say yes, but most people do not recognize the importance of those people who are “behind”, which nobody sees and are responsible for a modeling career.


They form a girl, teach her the basics, open her door to the fashion world and then suddenly find themselves in a situation where the same girl they have created, does not know even how to say thank you. Does that sound ungrateful? You create a person and when the girl enters the fashion business, simply “forgets” that without the agent she would be nobody and nothing in the fashion world. It is fascinating how the people are always nice to you when they need something, but when they achieve set goals, it appears they have a sort of “amnesia”.


The “state of amnesia” is also common in the fashion world and there is no agent who did not feel that on his own skin. You built a model and then he/she runs into another agency. Lesson learnt!


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