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Hundreds and possibly thousands of models, aspiring models, and young girls (including minors) have been targeted or fallen victim to an online “sextortion” predator via Facebook and other social networks including modeling and fashion forums worldwide.


With the assistance of the Turkish National Police Department of Cybercrime, MAMA the worldwide modeling business association uncovered and exposed the online model sexual predator who falsely used several names including “Cyril Brule” “Chris Brule” “Tom Smith”, leading to an arrest in Turkey.


For over 3 years a Sexual Predator systematically contacted thousands of models, aspiring models, and young girls via Facebook and other social networks including modeling and fashion forums Russian, and Polish


The predator stole legitimate modeling business aliases such as “Cyril Brule” owner of the renowned VIVA model management in Paris representing many of the world’s leading models and posed as the owner or employee of other known modeling agencies such as Oui Paris, M&P Milan, Urban Milan, Nologo Milan, Das Milan, Fashion and other known agencies.


The predator lured victims by offering well paid modeling job opportunities, inviting the victims to participate in an online skype casting that included a request of the victims to pose, walk and showcase their nude bodies.


The predator recorded the casting and or “print screened” photos of the casting session.  Those who fell into the trap and undressed were later shown proof of the recording and or photos, and aggressively, verbally attacked and blackmailed to participate in virtual sex with the suspect.  If the victims did not agree, the predator threatened to ruin their lives by posting the photos and videos he recorded during the “casting” to the victim’s friend’s lists and contacts.


The predator also took photos while the victims were still dressed, so if the victim refused to take off her clothing, the suspect threatened to ‘photoshop’ them and submit them to porn sites.


Victims began to contact MAMA’s “Models Hotline” for help and support.  A few of the victims expressed a state of shock and shame wanting to end their lives.  Other victims contacted the various modeling agencies the predator claimed to own or be employed by for verification.


Under the direction of MAMA, The agencies and agents, whose identities have been stolen, filed complaints with local police as well as posted public warning notices on official websites and social networks.


The victims (including minors) are from a variety of nationalities including: The United States, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Romania, Italy and France.  Official complaints have been filed with local authorities prompting involvement of the UK’s NCA (National Crime Agency), the FBI (USA), Embassies and an update of Interpol and other various relevant authorities.


MAMA Co-founder and interim President Gal Golan, Steve Dellar, owner of Oui management Paris and other MAMA expert members kept in close contact with victims and their families offering support and counseling in addition to assisting the authorities in identifying the predator.


This is the biggest number of victim’s known in a single case of an online predator of models and aspiring models or young girls.


The Turkish National Police are currently investigating the contents of computer hard drives and phones, in preparation for legal proceedings.


If you or anyone you know, have fallen victim to this crime please email

MAMA, will offer further information and contacts to the Turkish National Police assisting to file official complaints in accordance to MLAT (Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty).


MAMA wishes to inform the public and asks our member’s community of managers, agents and scouts to inform and educate models or aspiring models you meet, that no credible agency, agent, manager or scout will ask you (models) to showcase your nude body in an online casting. Any wrongful conduct should be reported to your agency, family the authorities (if need be) or to MAMA’s models hotline or


We all must remain vigilant and do our best to better protect our models as well as the reputation of our business community.


Our Models Safety Comes First

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M.A.M.A is the Models Agents Managers Association, an association of the leading and respectable model managers and agents world-wide representing most of the models within the modeling business.


One of the messages MAMA received from a victim

Jul 17th, 1:37am

hii wanted to ask I have been scam by this man and he is threating me to the point where I am sick to my stomach and don’t want to live anymore… I wanted to know about other girls if he had posted photos of them on the internet and if there is any other info I should know thank you.


Forum TopModel


Forum MegaModels


Nologo Models Milan website warning

Predetors communication


Hello,how are you doing? I hope that you are doing well. My name is Chris and I am the owner of a model agency. Currently I am travelling around and looking for new faces to represent


Your appereance might fit to us for the next swimsuit catalog shooting. I would like to seek your permission to allow us to use your photo for the next swimsuit catalog shooting. I am asking you this because we need a good quality photos like yours. We will send you a copy after all this is done. Please let me know if you are interested in my offer, because for now I am very interested in working with you. Moreover, it is a great possibility to earn more than a $2000. If you agreed, I am going to come over at your place, so we could talk about the details and if this go good, I would ask you to sign a contract. However, there is one requirement before I come over there, we have to see how you look like on the webcam. We require our applicant to have a skype account.


this is our website for you to get more information about us. Please, as soon as possible let us know whether you are interested in working with us as a model.


As you can see, the agency is located in Milano and I will be glad to work with you. I would like to offer a job to you in Milan. We work on a modelling, advertisement and commercial film area. This is a serious proposal and I would prefer to talk to people face to face in real life. I will come over there and we will talk all the detail face to face. Some people can use a programme for the photos and videos. That is why, I need to make sure from you on the webcam ,before the meeting.


Note: You don’t need to pay money for a visa, flight and accommodation. You will be flown all expenses paid for the flight and hotel accommodation for a professional photo shoot session.


What do you think? If you want, you can contact me through this address


For further question or contacts to the Turkish National Police email


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