Belarus Fashion Week, built dedicated changing rooms for models.

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In recent years more and more models have protested to designers managers and agents with requests for “minimum privacy” backstage.

BFW has clearly heard the outcry and implemented a resolve.


MAMA, an official guest of Belarus Fashion Week in Minsk is appreciative for the steps taken by the BFW organization and production in building dedicated changing rooms for models in addition to strictly forbidding  backstage photography while models change cloths.


Belarus Fashion Week chief Yanina Hancharova has traveled around the various fashion capitals of the world  in search of inspiration, exchange of information and has implemented a flawless organization that has grown from season to season to larger venues nonetheless BFW has remained a calm well oiled machine,production, show producers, backstage artists  hair and make up teams all work with a quite passion and dedication that is admirable.


Yaninina Hancharova, BFW Commercial directer Klim Andreev and crew have just wrapped up this seasons show collection and are hard at work for the next show season in October 2012. 


Belarus Fashion Week has been “under the radar”, but not for long, definitely worth a visit.







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